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The Human Zoo


The Human Zoo is a dual point of view story that follows Priya and Jax. As an inmate inside this human zoo, Priya is obstinate, intelligent, and desperately is looking for a way out. That is until Jax, the zoo owner's son enters her enclosure. She discovers his secret, and he vows to help her escape. Will he make it in time?


A new exhibit, The Petting Zoo, is set to open, and Priya is the main attraction. First, though, she has to make it through Rehabilitation, a behavioral facility designed to break animals into submission. 

Lower Level Map.jpg

Zoo Layout

Map Layout's Designed by Margaret Rogers

The layout of the zoo is in the rough shape of a triangle. It has two levels, an upper and lower. The lower level is the ground level, where the viewers have the chance to see the animals up close and personal through glass walls. 

The upper level is above the enclosure. Viewers can look down on the animals behind the safety of an ornate black fence. There is the option to feed the animals treats here. 

In the center of the zoo is a glass tower. Here is the central area of restaurants, gift shops, photos, and more. 

Upper Level Map.jpg

Cover Designer

Euzhan Shabazz created the beautiful cover for The Human Zoo. She took minimalist designs with bright colors to show the contrasting elements of the story. Select 'View More' below to visit her website!


Euzhan's Cover Designs

Cover Design Process

The cover design process for The Human Zoo was a little challenging. This entire project of mine has two goals, to share a story and support women, artists. After putting a suggestion box on Instagram, several creatives were referred to me: Euzhan Shabazz, Margaret Rogers, Jessica Tye, and Joey Bauchle. All of these women are intelligent, worldly, and unbelievably talented. It was an honor to work with all of them. Even though I could only choose one for the final cover, I feel showcasing each of their talents is necessary. They could be the next artist to help you. Below will be a link to each artist own page. I highly recommend you check them out. 

Margaret Rogers Cover Design - 1.jpg

Margaret Rogers

Cover Design Artist

Margaret Rogers Cover Design - 3.jpg

Margaret Rogers

Cover Design Artist

Margaret Rogers Cover Design - 2.jpg

Margaret Rogers

Cover Design Artist

Margaret (Allison to me) has been a friend of mine since high school. I'd say more, but she holds too many  stories about me! Check out her website to view her portfolio.

cover 2 - red.JPG

Jess Tye

Cover Design Artist

cover 6- Jess.JPG

Jess Tye

Cover Design Artist

Jess was introduced to me through a co-worker. We are official penpals.  Visit her Etsy page (HellraiserDesignCo) to check out her prints, posters, greeting cards and such.

Joey's Work.jpg

Joey Bauchle

Cover Design Artist

Joey is not only the girlfriend of a dear friend of mine from Culver military camp, Tre Robinson. But she's also an extremely talented henna tattoo and contemporary visual artist. Visit her page to view her work.

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